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While CS FIELD ASSOCIATES has been introducing various foreign audio equipments to Japan, it also brought in many audio terms of foreign origin to Japan. Some of them are firmly established in Japanese audio industry. Typical examples are “room treatment”, “liquid jacket”, “cryogenics”, “material processing”, “burn-in” and more.

We, audio importers, are not just only bringing and selling foreign products in our own country, but also we are doing comprehensive activities, such as to introduce fascinating and unique technologies and culture itself from foreign countries. Furthermore, there are a number of improvements in those products to satisfy sophisticated Japanese users in consideration of their own environment and taste. Adjusting foreign goods to Japanese life style is also our job. Thus, we are definitely proud of that those audio words above became in common use among Japanese audiophiles.

To introduce superior products from all parts of the world and sell them to Japanese people are not everything for us. We believe that the most important thing is to introduce manufacturers’ philosophy, mind, and technologies to every single user accurately.

In addition to that, CS FIELD ASSOCIATES takes all possible measures to after-sales services on products it sells, such as upgrading, maintenance, warranty and etc. As a result, those have been of great benefit to our customers by using unequaled serial number control system.

Imported products of CS FIELD ASSOCIATES do not fade away and even more sparkle with vivacity as time passed, and keep their worth for a long time. It would be more profitable to use them in the long run.

CS FIELD’s greatest concern is always reliability of our products and services for our customers.


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